Maria & Tommaso
(Circa 1935)
       This website is dedicated to Tommaso and Maria who had the courage and vision to leave their  homeland to seek a better life for  their, and our, children and future generations.  We who cherish freedom appreciate their sacrifice.  May they be proud of us.
       Tommaso first sailed from Italy to America in June 1901 aboard the ship Liguria.  The ship's manifest states he had $20.00 in his pocket and was headed for New York City.  After a stay in Bucks County Pennsylvania, he made his way to Schenectady, New York where for 14 years he worked as a laborer on a farm on Mariaville Road in the town of Rotterdam.
     Tommaso, Maria and the four children lived in this house on Mariaville Road until 1927 when Federico (insert) was tragically killed by a taxi in front of this home.  With the proceeds from the insurance settlement they purchased the home on Princetown Road in Rotterdam.
   In 1914 Tommaso returned to his hometown of Cleto, near the city of Cosenza in the province of Calabria, Italy.  In 1915 he married Maria Cuglietta from the nearby village of  Aiello Calabro.
     With his life savings of 14 years earned laboring in America he fulfilled his dream by purchasing a farm and olive grove on the Zuccalatu property, reportedly "2000 meters" from "Vespano" near Cleto.   Here in the above farmhouse among the olive trees four children were born:   Dominco  (1917), Federico (the first) (1918), Susanna (1920) and Emilio (1922).
     Tragically, in 1923 an olive blight destroyed his entire olive grove forcing him to return alone to America to earn funding in hopes of returning to save his farm.  After two years Maria couldn't cope alone with her four small children and joined Tommaso in Schenectady, leaving the farm in the care of relatives.  Tommaso would never return to his beloved farm, selling it during the Depression for 10 cents on the dollar.
(Tommaso's U.S. passport photo and signature dated September 23, 1923)
     Seven children would eventually be born to Maria and Tommaso.  By the year 2004 marriages of five of the seven children would result in 21 grandchildren, 51 great granchildren, and 23 great great grandchildren. 

     On 14 August 2004 descendants of Tommaso and Maria gathered for their very first family reunion in Rotterdam, New York.

     What follows are 2nd Generation wedding photos followed by photos of their direct descendants attending the reunion.
Son Dominick and Ann
Son Dominick and Ann's Descendants 
(August, 2004)
Son Emilio (Millard) and Laura 
(January 10, 1943)
Son Emilio (Millard) and Laura's Descendants 
(August, 2004)
Daughter Edith and Tadeusz (Ted) 
(Millard third from left, front row.)
Daughter Edith and Tadeusz (Ted's) Descendants 
(August, 2004)
(Tadeusz (Ted) first on left)
Daughter Luigina (Jean) and Americo (Murf)  (May 15, 1955)
Daughter Luigina and Americo (Murf's) Descendants 
(August, 2004)
(Americo (Murf) 6th from right.)
Son Frederick and Judy
(April 13, 1957)
Son Frederick and Judy's Descendants
(August, 2004)
(Judy 4th from right.)
     Of the 21 third generation grandchildren, Bill is the 2nd oldest and Freddy is the youngest.
     Of the 51 fourth generation great grandchildren, John is the nearly the oldest and Vanesa is nearly the youngest.
     Of the 23 fifth generation great great grandchildren, Nicole is nearly the oldest and Brennan is the youngest.