Maryland Views
  Crofton is nestled in the "Blue Crab" heart of Maryland.  When someone thinks of  Maryland  they often imagine...                          
The Chesapeake Bay......
(Bay Bridge near Annapolis)
....Or light houses
(Sandy Point Light near Annapolis)
.....Or  Annapolis.
(Brian, Joe, Luke and Wendy on Main Street)
...Or Annapolis Harbor,
(Luke and Papa)
...Or Tugboats
(Logan, Tammy, Theodore)
Some may think of Ocean City.......
(Wendy and Luke)
...Or its Boardwalk,
(Logan and Luke)
...Or its  Sunsets,
(Joe, Wendy, Luke)
(Some may think of Maryland's Terrapins,
((Pedro on Pumpkin Pulp)
... Or they may think of Green Gardens,
(A visitor to Pat's Pedals)
Still others may think of Washington, D.C.,
(Tammy,Logan, Luke and Papa)
Or inside it's Capital building,
(Pat, Luke and Logan in Rotunda after hours during private tour)
Or on steps outside the Senate Chamber
(Pat, Bill, Joe, Tammy, Wendy, Logan, Luke after hours during private tour)
Some may envy Maryland's mild winters,
(Blizzard of January 2000)
...or its mild winter chores,
(Bill and Pat's crooked snow shovel)
...Or celebrating with friends.
(Mr. Bartles, Mr. James and Phil)
Thanks for Visiting.