New York Views
Brant Lake is nestled in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. 
Brant Lake, New York
What's a lake without a Rowboat?
                          (Wendy and Luke)
...                   ...Or a Paddleboat?
(Wendy and Luke)
...Or Little People in a Sandpile
(Logan, Ryan, Ashley, Luke)
....Or a Wheelbarrow?
(Grandma Pat and Logan)
What's a Lake without Fish?
(Ashley (still fishing), Ryan, Grandma Pat, Luke, Luke's fish)
...Or bigger fish?
(Phil and Joe)
....Or an even Bigger Fish
What's a Lake without  Family on a Cool Evening?

(Logan, Phil,  Tammy)
...Or on a Hillside
(Wendy, Joe Luke)
What's a Lake without a Fireplace in Winter?
Thanks for Visiting.

What's a Lake without Fall Colors?
(Lee, Sandy and Ryan at Brant Lake Inlet)